Why Men Choose to Have an Affair

Why Men Choose to Have an Affair

The intoxicating phase of infatuation is very natural to happen in anyone’s life at any span of time. It is common to happen during teenage and after that too! This post is to highlight some of the reasons which incite men to have an affair! The only difference lies in level of maturity and wisdom but when men vote to be in that situation against the rules, codes and morals then nothing is wrong! This post is to talk about the urges and situations which throw some men in the web of extramarital affair!

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Inclination towards new sex

The rush associated with ‘new sex’ is something which really excites men and this motivation for more and different sex derives this affair feeling in them. The stress in life and lack of self-satisfaction make them fall for naked spine of unfamiliar women! They believe that two individuals are destined to meet on a dark night and even it is beyond the purview of your marriage. It is fine because the moving blood inside them and the sentiment at that moment make that happen.

Fear of intimacy

There are many men who fear of intimacy. Might sound strange but they just don’t dedicate and commit themselves to their lovers. Due to this they have affairs outside the marriage to maintain their hold and power in their relationships. They are afraid to get emotionally involved. And thus affair is the only way through which they can distance themselves from their spouses and also maintain their level of satisfaction.

To feel young and new every time

Men are fragile at heart and thus if they start getting vibes from their wives that they are no longer the same they used to be. It acts like a challenge for them! And to prove that the spark is still alive in them and they are not ‘old’ or ‘less on energy’. They end up having an affair. This brings a new spice in their life and a brand new and refreshing layer of love and romance.

Men’s DNA predisposes their eyes to wander

This might sound like a ‘sexist’ remark for men but it is true! Men are curious and hungry for more and more! This is why if somewhere they feel that their wives are not understanding the harshness in situations and not appreciating the efforts they put in to get things right. They just look for sympathy outside. And even if single woman shows a little affirmation in their thoughts, they just fall for it. They are attracted by women and thus they need just one reason which acts as a ‘green signal’ for them to have an affair!